Digital Marketing (DM1101)
Digital Marketing (DM1101)
In simple terms, "digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an...
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Data Science (DS1101)
Data Science (DS1101)
Data science is essentially the science of studying data in order to arrive at conclusions based on the data studied. It is a broad term used to discuss a number of different disciplines and incorporates many different languages and processes...
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Introduction to TalentLMS (SAMP1)
Introduction to TalentLMS (SAMP1)
This course comprises several video tutorials that describe the basic TalentLMS functions. At the end there is a final test that will help you assess your knowledge.
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Advanced features of TalentLMS (SAMP2)
Advanced features of TalentLMS (SAMP2)
This course comprises several video tutorials that describe some advanced TalentLMS functions.
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Content and TalentLMS (SAMP3)
Content and TalentLMS (SAMP3)
What type of content can you use with TalentLMS? Let's find out on this quick course.
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eLearning Basics (SAMP4)
eLearning Basics (SAMP4)
A few interesting presentations on basic elearning topics. This is a collection of things you must know in order to succeed in the tech supported learning world!
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Future technologies (SAMP5)
Future technologies (SAMP5)
A number of short video explanations of interesting and important questions regarding technology and how it can impact the future of man kind. This is taken from the "Big Think" with Michio Kaku as host.
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Leadership and Team Management (UTMSPACE01)
Leadership and Team Management (UTMSPACE01)
This module will equip participants who are, or intend to become, supervisors, managers, professionals or executives, with the knowledge to provide effective leadership and to effectively build and manage teams. The ability to work as part of a...
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Globalization and Cross-Culture Issues (UTMSPACE02)
Globalization and Cross-Culture Issues (UTMSPACE02)
The aim of the course is to better understand the dynamics of the concept of culture and how to manage and do business successfully in changing cross-cultural environment in the age of globalization. The course provides a cross-disciplinary...
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Business Communication (UTMSPACE03)
Business Communication (UTMSPACE03)
This module provides a concise, practical guide to communicating effectively in the world of business. This module offers a direct, concrete approach and an opportunity for hands-on application of effective communication strategies. It includes a...
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