Advanced Diploma → Hotel and Restaurant Management (AdvDip)

(Date: February | Duration: 1 Month) Food, Bar and Beverage Operations and Management (02)

The bar area of food and beverage operations can be a great contributor to the profit of business,
on the other side, if not controlled properly it can be big drain on profits. Controlling is a
fundamental management function. To exercise control means to make certain that the staff adheres
to the policies and procedures established by management


• Understand the content of beverage operation and management
• Learn the process of food, bar and beverage operation


• Identify the key areas of concern in the control aspects of a beverage operation
• Discuss the key components of the bar business
• State how to control the key areas of a bar
• Examine the control issues of purchasing, receiving, storage, and issuing in a bar
• Explain the relevance of each of the three components of control
• Discuss the importance of product control as goods flow through the beverage operation
• Understand the importance the proper quantity of products kept on hand has for the

Module Date: February

  • Quiz Week 1
  • Quiz Week 2
  • Quiz Week 3
  • Quiz Week 4
  • 1.1 Food and Beverage Operations
  • 1.2 Hotel F&B with Food and Beverage Director for Marriott Hotels
  • 1.3 Type of Glassware and How to Handle Them
  • 1.4 Glassware (Cups & Glasses)
  • 1.5 Types of Spoon Knife and Fork
  • 1.6 Table Setting
  • 1.7 Top 5 Restaurant Organizational Chart Examples
  • 1.8 Types of Restaurant
  • 1.7 Reflections
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever