Accounting and Finance

Accounting with Global Perspective

This course covers the full accounting cycle for individuals with little or no accounting
background. Topics include accounting as an information system; introduction to
accounting theory; income measure; traditional record keeping; the accounting cycle; special
journals; cash and financial statements.


• To introduce students to accounting with a view to understanding basic information conveyed
in financial statements


• Describe the nature
and purpose of accounting information including its limitations and basic concepts.
• Apply generally accepted accounting principles in the analysis and recording of business
transactions. Apply the basic principles of double-entry bookkeeping to record transactions for
both a service and a merchandising business.
• Prepare a trial balance.
• Analyze and record adjusting journal entries.
• Prepare financial statements (Income Statement, Statement of Owner's Equity and the Balance
Sheet) for a service business and merchandising business
• Prepare closing journal entries and close a set of books
• Describe and differentiate the three forms of business organization
• Determine the value of ending inventories under alternative generally accepted accounting
• Apply estimating techniques to value ending inventories for interim financial statements and
to estimate inventory shortages
  • Slides - Accounting Basics
  • Slides - Basic Concepts of Financial Accounting.PPT
  • Slides - Creative Account_ Fraud and International Accounting.pptx
  • Slides - Global Management Accounting Principles.pptx
  • book keeping 101
  • Accounting with Global Perspective Project Paper
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed