Advanced Diploma → Human Resources and Training (AdvDip)

(Date: October | Duration: 1 Month) International Human Capital Management (10)


The globalization of business is having a significant impact on human capital management.
It is more imperative than ever for organizations to engage in human capital management on an
international scale. Today's managers and business leaders confront decision problems in
various functional areas of human capital management while working in different national and
cultural environment. This course will review the theories, models and concepts
developed in the areas of international

management, international organizational behavior, cross-cultural

management,and other emerging disciplines, and study their implications on international human
capital practices. This course will cover the management issues which have implications
on international human capital management. A major focus of the course will be on international
human capital management & development issues of recruitment and selection, compensation
and reward systems, training and development, performance appraisal, expatriation, repatriation and
career development. Finally, future directions, challenges and developments in the field
of international human capital management would be explored.

apply important terminology, facts, concepts, techniques, and theories used in
the field leadership when analyzing complex factual


• To explore the challenges posed by rapid globalization of business

• To understand and analyze human resource issues

• To make effective decisions in the contemporary business environment


• Understand the challenges posed by rapid globalization of business

• Understand the implications of rapid globalization of business on human capital
management practices

• Understand and analyze international human resource issues

• Able to make effective decisions in contemporary international business

• Understand development issues of compensation and reward systems, performance
appraisal, expatriation, development

recruitment and selection, training and development, repatriation and career

Module Date: October

  • Quiz Week 1
  • Quiz Week 2
  • Quiz Week 3
  • Quiz Week 4
  • 1.1 International Human Capital Management
  • 1.2 Slides - Human Capital Management.ppt
  • 1.3 4 ways to build a human company in the age of machines
  • 1.4 HOUR Lessons from the world of Silicon Valley
  • 1.5 Why we need to treat your employees as thoughtful as our customers
  • 1.6 Extra Quiz
  • 1.7 Reflections
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever